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ZAbra .co.za
tailor-made designs


About Us            

In the beginning:
The technicolour zebra - ZAbra - was created by Etienne Marais and the name incorporates the country's international code (ZA) and "bra" - a colloquial word for "friend". It represents a web design company with a unique knowledge of the local South African market and an understanding that this market operates quite differently from the rest of the world.

What makes Zabra special:
Etienne Marais and his team has years of experience, both technical and creative. They have intimate knowledge of the subject and the needs of their clients. They know that every client is different, with unique needs. The aim is to deliver quality at international standards and to compete on that level. Our products are tailor-made, and people must sit up and notice South Africa!

Open-door policy:
You can feel free to discuss concepts with our experts, and tap their knowledge to get the exact product you require. If you feel out of your depth, we will advise to your satisfaction.

As the client base is small and selected, the response and resolution to your problems will be much faster than at most companies in this field. At ZAbra you will receive personal attention, and we can be contacted almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

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