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Company Profile
De Ville Construction is an independent construction & property development company providing a wide range of skills and qualities to complement their projects.
The team has significant experience in the project management and construction of large residential developments, private residences and commercial properties.
The management team consist of experts with a solid background in financial management, project management and construction management.
De Ville Construction has been involved as principle builder in a range of residential developments in the Hartebeespoort area (Xanadu, Birdwood etc.). all of which has been completed successfully.
Completed developments where De Ville was the principle builder ranges from R1,5m to R2.5 m. (160 -300m2).
Other developments is a 42 house development of which all have been signed off and handed over to the clients. This project started in March 2007 and were completed by February 2008.

Company Values
De Ville is dedicated to maximum efficiency, accountability and professionalism. This is achieved through a clear vision, creative thinking, progressive business practices and a highly committed team.
We guarantee quality by using quality materials and qualified artisans, with the emphasis being on long term, and absolute compliance with detailed specifications, materials, fixtures and fittings.
Strict adherence are given to all safety regulations and national building requirements (NHBRC registered).
Our philosophy is that of effective management and creating an environment that promotes teamwork.
Our healthy financial position is a testimony to our focused leadership approach.

Business Model
Using an in house business model, De Ville construction provides the core skills to build residential dwellings from inception to finishing.
Highly specialized fields are outsourced as to maintain the high standards set by De Ville Construction.
This model has significant benefits as this allow De Ville Construction control over the quality of workmanship from start to finish.

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