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Our mission was to visit as many Karoo towns as possible in the limited days we had. Simply because we did not want these beautiful small towns to disappear without someone at least documenting them and giving them credit for what they really are. They are unique and very valuable to South Africa, and we would love to promote them for further tourists and adventurers to explore. Every town we had come across we had experienced unique and memorable moments, which we repeatedly had to retell to our friends, and sometimes still do. We hope to encourage others to follow in our footsteps to create a better and richer South Africa for what it really is.

December 2005, “Holiday fuel fiasco – Traffic grinds to a halt in towns on some major routes as sporadic shortages continue.” Word like this spread throughout South Africa and numerous holiday makers cancelled or changed their holiday plans in fear of being stranded somewhere. This affected our initial group of four explorers to decrease to just two, but these two adventurous people at heart would and could not listen to this journalistic jargon. Being stuck somewhere unknown was not exactly a fearful thing. That would actually be the ideal situation, what better way of getting to know a small town? In these forgotten towns you get to know people who live in small places where hardly anyone else ever pass through. It was our quest to find these people and to discover how and why they live there. Our findings brought us to very intelligent and interesting warm hearted people and towns filled with playing kids and laughing neighbours. It’s a journey we will undertake again and again.

Forgotten Towns of the Karoo
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